Friday, November 20, 2009

Hunting for Affordable Health Insurance

In the recent months here in Michigan many have either lost their jobs or have come to a point where the extended health insurance they were able to keep through Cobra or a severance package has come to and end or is too expensive to maintain.

There are decent health care insurance plans on the market today that are reasonably affordable. The comfort level one has with looking for health care insurance is somewhat different then looking for auto or home insurance, but the basic principals are similar. You want to get the most coverage for the best price without over insuring.

There are 3 main items I would like to recommend individuals looking for health insurance on their own take into account.

1. Too Good to be True: If the coverage offered at the beginning of the plan seems way to good to be true then there is probably language in the policy that sets very low limits on common coverage items. Make sure you read the fine print to know and understand what is and what is not included and what the limits are.

2. Use an Insurance Broker: There are many agents that sell only one companies insurance policies. They are referred to as captive agents because they have to sell you the product from their employer. You can rely on an insurance broker to hunt through policies and to educate you on the details involved in the health insurance industry.

3. Discuss Co-Pays with Doctors & Dentists: I the same manner that the auto mechanic can cut you a deal to replace your windshield and pay your auto deductible you can work with your Dentist or Doctors office to reduce the co pays on items. This might feel awkward until you realize the health insurance companies negotiate prices so why can't you!!!

I hope this article helps to reduce the anxiety involved in acquiring health care insurance coverage on your own. Explore the items in this site to lead you in the right path.

Good Luck Out There.

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